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We currently offer a variety of support programs for the families in need.  We want to focus our energy on these key programs where we feel we can have the most direct impact to the families that need help.

Monthly Grocery Drive

Every second Saturday of the month, we arrange a grocery drive for families in need in New Jersey. These are either single mothers, women whose husbands are disabled and struggle to support their families or refugee families.


We ask each family to send us a custom grocery list so we can fill their pantries up with the food they prefer.  We buy everything fresh to ensure they receive quality products.  


We buy groceries in bulk and get discounts from our local vendors.  The average cost to support one family is $100 for the month.  


Sample Grocery List

  • Milk

  • Eggs

  • Bread

  • Oil

  • Rice

  • Flour

  • Yogurt

  • Cheese

  • Cilantro

  • Cereal

  • Halal Goat

  • Halal Ground Beef

  • Halal Chicken 

  • Potatoes 

  • Tomatoes 

  • Lemons

  • Oranges

  • Apples

  • Eggplant

  • Onions + more

Clothing Drives

We hold clothing drives for winter clothes and also for kids clothes.  We ask the families the ages, gender and sizes of their family members and collect clothing accordingly.  We only accept new or like new clothes to ensure we provide the families with the feeling of wearing brand new clothes.  


Utility Bills

Some families have asked in lieu of groceries to help them with their monthly utility bills.  We pay their bills directly to ensure the money is being used in the proper manner.  

We Need Your Support Today!

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